Top 7 Total BS Excuses I Hear for Not Doing a Boudoir Shoot

Excuse my French, but I have heard so many bullsh*t reasons for not doing a boudoir photo shoot, that I think it’s time for me to dispel the myths on why you shouldn’t book a shoot!

And I know you might be thinking, “Wow! You’re being kind of harsh, Tami!” But my intentions are not to be mean! Because, if I’m being honest, I’ve used some of these same excuses myself! Let’s face it, doing a boudoir session can be super vulnerable and if you aren’t careful you can let your insecurities creep into your head and keep you from a wonderful opportunity. A boudoir experience is all about self-empowerment and showing yourself some love, so I’m gonna let you know below the top 7 excuses I’ve heard from you ladies, and why I think they are BS!

1. “I need to lose 5-10 more pounds and then I will do one!”

Girl, first off, you are beautiful just the way you are! Second, I can almost guarantee that as soon as you lose those 5-10 lbs, you’ll be thinking, “Well…maybe just 5 more pounds and I’ll look perfect for a shoot!” It can turn into a vicious cycle with an aim to reach an unattainable image of perfection. Then what ends up happening is that you never get in this photoshoot that will actually boost your confidence! We don’t want that to happen!

2. “I’m too old to do a shoot!”

I still have yet to grasp the concept and ideology that our current society seems to think that as men age, they get dashingly more handsome, but as we women age, we need to autocorrect to appear younger. That’s complete nonsense! Those laugh lines tell a tale of all the good times you’ve had. Your less-than-perky breasts tell of the stories of the beautiful babies you brought into this earth. You just get better with age and I personally think, dammit, you should own it and be proud of it!

3. “I don’t know how to pose.”

Don’t you worry! I got you, boo! And here’s a little secret…99% of the ladies come into a session scared about knowing how to pose! But I’ve been photographing sessions for over 11 years now, so I’m well versed in knowing what angles look best for women of all shapes and sizes, and I’ll even demonstrate for you! So if you are digging your beautiful tatas, but not your post-partum pooch, we’ll make sure we are using angles, lighting, and positioning to work in your favor to show off the girls (and minimize the belly!)

4. “I don’t have any sexy outfits to wear!”

Come on now…I know you can attest to a time when your man though you looked so damn fine and you were sitting there wearing a ratty ol’ tee! Your clothes are not what defines how sexy you are, it’s your attitude! I have some women that bring to their session all the beautiful bralettes and lacy undies, but I also have babes that bring their man’s old white tee-shirt and when you add some water and some confidence to it…BOOM! You have a sex-pistol on your hands!

But if you still want some inspiration on where to head for some new pieces because…we are on that self-love/pampering streak (yes!), you can check out my recommendations here on Where to Shop for Your Shoot.

5. “But I don’t think I can get past my nerves!”

Again, pretty much every woman  that walks into a session has nerves about doing one! Who wouldn’t be nervous about stripping down for photos?? Lol. I get it! But that’s why when you come to a session we start off with some pampering with hair + makeup so you start to feel more like you can “walk the walk” and it’s also a time to get more comfortable with me as you get dolled up! Then as we get started shooting, I always will try to ease into a session with the least-scantily-clad outfit first. After you’ve gotten your groove for the first bit, it’s all gravy from there. Pinky swear!

6. “But I don’t have anyone special to do these photos for!”

So while a lot of women will decide to do a session as part of a gift for a birthday/anniversary/wedding, but I’ll let you in on another secret…that’s just the excuse many will use to help give them the courage to do one! Almost all the ladies I photograph end up telling me that they ultimately were doing the shoot for themselves to feel good in their own skin. For most it’s been something they’ve wanted to do for a long time, so using the excuse of a gift for your partner, allows them to finally get one in! You are allowed to treat yourself to some self-love with a session. You deserve the opportunity to feel beautiful in your own skin!

7. “I don’t think I can afford a boudoir session!”

So yes, I will admit that it is an investment to do a boudoir session. But aren’t you worth that investment? It’s an opportunity to see yourself the way your loved ones view you. It’s an afternoon of pampering, girl talk, and getting to experience what it feels like to be a model. It’s your chance to have professional photos of you looking and feeling like a goddess. I personally think that’s worth every damn penny. Don’t you?

But if you do need some time to save up for this exquisite once-in-a-lifetime experience, I do offer PAYMENT PLANS as an option to make it more affordable for you!

Think you are ready to show what a confident badass you are? Let’s get you on the calendar before it is all filled up!

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