Boudoir Client Interview | Photoshoot with Pam

In this latest edition of the boudoir client interview, we are chatting with the uber babe, Pam.

This gorgeous lady has always wanted to do a boudoir photoshoot. She was wanting to have some time to just feel great about herself and how great it is to be a woman. She was one of my first sessions I did coming out of the thick of the pandemic, so she admitted that “Being stuck inside for all this time has really gotten me down and not feeling so great about myself.” I think we can all relate to that! When you aren’t able to get to the gym like usual or you don’t have a need to get dolled up (since most restaurants were still closed at that time), it was a huge blessing for her to get out and get some pampering. And let me tell you…this lady looked super fine when all was said and done! So without further ado, read up below to see what Pam has to say about her boudoir experience (And be sure to also check out my other boudoir interviews here!)

Tell me about your journey to doing a boudoir session. (Ie, What were your reasons for doing one? Have you wanted to do a session for some time? Or was this decision impulsive?)

In the past, I’ve had some friends do a session and always wanted to one myself. When I won the petit session promotion you were doing, I was so excited.

If you’d wanted to do a session in the past but didn’t, what was hindering you from taking the leap?

I’m not a super confident woman so I always talked myself out of doing a session.

What was the tipping point in you finally deciding to do a session?

During the pandemic I was really down about myself and decided it was time to get empowered.

How did you feel in the days leading up to your shoot?

I was really nervous prior to the shoot.

How would you describe the actual session experience? Did you have nerves? How did it feel to be in front of the camera?

When I arrived I was pretty nervous. However, with the empowering music playlist and guidance from Tami, I was quickly having fun.

How did you feel after the shoot? And then when you saw your photos for the first time?

I felt GREAT after the shoot. If I didn’t feel sexy before, I certainly did after. I was shocked when I saw the pictures. I couldn’t believe how amazing they came out.

Did your boudoir experience change the way you see yourself?

Definitely did!!

What would you tell someone that was still on the fence about having a session done with me?

I highly recommend every woman do this for herself. It’s so empowering and changes the way you look at yourself. It’s also a very fun process from the hair/makeup to the final pictures.

Any final thoughts you’d like to share?

Tami is great at what she does. If you’re thinking about a shoot, DO IT!!! You won’t regret it.

Think you are ready to take the leap and do a boudoir shoot for yourself? Be sure to inquire about a boudoir session before the end of the year to grab a session at my current 2020 rates! This is an awesome way to start off 2021 feeling empowered + ready to take on whatever the new year brings on!

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