Life Coaching, Boudoir Photography, and Educational Courses

Growth is uncomfortable because you’ve never been there before. You don’t have to go it alone. Together, we’ll do the sh*t that scares you, step into your future self, and make your crazy dreams possible.

No matter how we work together, you will come away rooted in your self-worth and inner strength, with a stronger mindset, confidence, and clear direction towards your dreams + goals.

Love yourself radically. Take action boldly.

Life’s idiosyncrasies are the moments when we allow ourselves to be most vulnerable, honest and real with ourselves. It’s at the breaking point where we find true love within ourselves.

Forget about imposter syndrome, stop people-pleasing, and focus on progress over perfection. Here, we embrace stretch marks and sexuality, self-love and freedom. Where will you go next? The choice, as always, is yours.


Let’s build a legacy of self-love and confidence you’ll have for all your life.

Knowing what you love about yourself and what makes you happy is a key step on your journey as a woman. When you go in-depth to embrace all that makes you awesome, you begin to see the possibilities. Everything begins to fall into place because what you need is already within. All you seek is the guidance to unlock the door and step into your greatness.



Giving you the confidence to feel beautiful in your own skin, extending into every area of your life.


Guides you in overcoming imposter syndrome and perfectionism that gets in the way of your goals so you can make an impact, make more money, and get more respect for all you do.

Both photography + life coaching are mediums that guide you in embracing self-love, coming home to yourself, and becoming more confident than ever.

Life Coaching

You know you’re 100% worthy of every dream and goal you set for yourself, but you’re still not feeling the (self) love.

If your big, audacious dreams are calling your name but your inner self-image is keeping you stuck, I hear you, and I am here for you. You need someone to help you fight the frustration, settle the overwhelm, and create a path to purpose. Together, we’ll get to the root of what’s keeping you stuck, build a foundation for creating the results you desire, and start building a life that’s more than fine— it’s extraordinary. 

Ignite the fire in your soul through mindfulness practices, confidence building exercises, goal setting, and productivity strategies so you can and make big, bold changes that place you into the future of your dreams.

Step into self-evolution

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography isn’t just taking sexy photos. It’s about pushing past your fears and resting in the knowledge that you truly love the woman you are, inside and out.

If you asked me years ago if boudoir was about taking photos for someone else, I would have said absolutely. Now you’ll find me empowering the badass, brave women who come through my door who are showing up for themselves, embracing vulnerability, and putting themselves first. 

Whether you’re an old pro at taking photos in your skivvies or it's your first time trusting a photographer with vulnerability, I’m here to inspire confidence in you, put you in touch with your desires, and let this be an experience that’s centered on embracing all that makes you amazing.

A liberating, empowering experience. An investment you won’t regret.

Be Liberated

Educational Courses

Photos that empower you to be your most confident self, in business and life.

Finally stop procrastinating + self-sabotaging on your big dreams! This course is the ULTIMATE ROADMAP to help passionate + ambitious women, like yourself, get out of confusion + overwhelm and create a clear path toward your goals in less than 30 days! Gain clarity + confidence to help you finally step into the extraordinary life you deserve!

Step into your future self

Yes, I want this!

Petite Lifestyle Portraits, an easy-breezy experience for the busy mamas +businesswomen out there!

Wanting A Few New photos without the hassle or pricetag?

These 30-minute weekday sessions in St Pete offer you a streamlined experience to get some updated photos of your family, you and your boo, or some beautiful new headshots that you desire so you can show up confidently for your family + your life.  When your calendar's gotten a bit chaotic lately + your budget is tight, these mini sessions are the perfect solution!

If you’re a one-woman show who feels alone and stuck in her business, Tami is the tool you need to break through those self-imposed barriers and level up your mental game so that your business can flourish!

- Chanel

For the first time in my life, someone took professional photos of me that look and feel like me and I see my genuine self come through.

- Liz

Tami is the absolute BEST! I’ve done 2 Boudoir shoots with her and both times were stellar experiences. She’s worth every dime spent. Every woman deserves to feel as amazing as I did!

- Stacie


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