Client Interview | Boudoir Shoot with Desiree

Since y’all seem to like my boudoir client interviews, here’s a new one with the beautiful Desiree.

This gorgeous lady reached out me about doing a boudoir photoshoot last summer. She was looking to do something empowering for herself. She’d dealt with some bullying growing up and some unfortunately bad relationships that had caused her to not be as confident in her own skin as she’d like to be. But she’d recently met an amazing man that loved her just the way she was and it’d given her a boost that she needed to do this special gift for herself. (Did I mention that she did this on her birthday as a gift for herself? How cool of a birthday present is that?!) So without further ado, read up below to see what Desiree has to say about her boudoir experience (And be sure to also check out my other boudoir interviews here!)

Tell me about your journey to doing a boudoir session. (Ie, What were your reasons for doing one? Have you wanted to do a session for some time? Or was this decision impulsive?)

I’ve always been an insecure person, I was bullied a lot for being very skinny, and then when I started gaining weight I started getting picked on about how I’ve been gaining weight growing up so then I started viewing myself as big. I started seeing boudoir photo shoot on Tiktok and I thought to myself that “ oh I could never do that I have no confidence to be able to do that“ but then I really thought about it and then I started doing some research and started seeing these beautiful pictures of all these women and they looked absolutely gorgeous and I thought why not.

If you’d wanted to do a session in the past but didn’t, what was hindering you from taking the leap?

I never really knew what a boudoir photoshoot was specifically the name I knew that there was that kind of photoshoot but I didn’t know the specific name for it.

What was the tipping point in you finally deciding to do a session?

I just wanted to feel better about myself and see myself through everyone else’s eyes that love me especially my boyfriend.

Why did you choose me as your photographer for your boudoir session?

I chose you because I was looking through your artwork in the way that each took pictures and the poses that you do with your clients and I felt very drawn to picking you I had seven other people that I was going to go with but I felt more drawn towards you.

How did you feel in the days leading up to your shoot?

I’m not gonna lie I was extremely nervous I had very bad anxiety him but I was also very excited because this is something out of my comfort zone and this is something that is a very touchy thing for me of being not covered up with hoodies and sweats all the time.

How would you describe the actual session experience? Did you have nerves? How did it feel to be in front of the camera?

I definitely was nervous in the beginning when I was getting my makeup done because I didn’t know what to expect at the beginning. I am very photogenic because growing up I had an adoptive mom who also did photography and my older sister and her husband also do photography and my second sister does photography as well so I grew up with a family full of photographers and was used to getting my picture taken. But also having a person that I’ve never met in person before was really out of my comfort zone but you made me feel very comfortable and we laughed a lot and listen to music and it was a very fun experience I got more relaxed towards the end.

How did you feel after the shoot? And then when you saw your photos for the first time?

I felt very confident in myself and very anxious to see the pictures and how they would turn out. When I came to see my photos for the first time I was very excited to see what you created with my photos that you took. When you opened up your laptop and I saw the first photo I was blown away beyond belief and I remember looking at my boyfriend and I was like is “that me is that what you’ve been seeing all along?” And when I saw the rest of the photos I was in complete all at times I was even speechless of how gorgeous I looked in the pictures.

Did your boudoir experience change the way you see yourself?

I would say it definitely has made an impact on how I view myself sometimes whenever I’m feeling down and upset and not liking the way I’m looking one day I will pull up the pictures and remind myself this is what you look like, you look like a gorgeous person that nobody can stop.

What would you tell someone that was still on the fence about having a session done with me?

I would say definitely do it you don’t have to wear very sheer see-through outfits you can also do like your favorite outfit for the first part and then when you start feeling more comfortable then you can start dipping your toes in and wearing more sexy outfits.

Any final thoughts you’d like to share?

I definitely had a very great experience with you I would recommend you to anybody that is looking into doing a photoshoot like this. You brought a very warm open happy environment and energy when walking through the doors. I definitely had a lot of fun and I’m so happy that I was able to do it on my birthday as a celebration.

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