Pixie cut + tattooed beauty for a Tampa boudoir photography session with Tami Keehn.


Embracing Your Curves | Boudoir Photography Tampa

I get it. It can be hard sometimes to embrace the curves of your current body, let alone sign up to do a boudoir shoot with said curves. But I promise it is so worth it! When I’ve asked women in the past what was their biggest hold-up when it comes to booking a boudoir […]

How to set goals you'll actually achieve by certified life coach Tami Keehn


How to Set Goals That You’ll Actually Achieve

Setting big goals can be exciting, but they can also be daunting when you wonder how in the world are you going to actually achieve them! Setting big goals though is what helps to make your dreams a reality. We can wish for that $3mill home on the beach and hope that we’ll hit multiple […]

Author headshots with St Pete Branding photographer Tami Keehn


Author Headshot Portraits | Alexandria Bellfleur

Recently, Alexandria reached out to me because she was looking to get an updated headshot + some branding portraits before the launch of her new book The Fianceé Farce. For her photos, she wanted something that emphasized her youthful + feminine vibe as a contemporary romance author. She was interested in having images that had […]

How to reach your full potential by life coach Tami Keehn


My Top Strategies to Reach Your Full Potential

So many of us tend to settle for what “is” instead of truly going after what could be. We get in our own way of striving for our full potential.  And it all starts with our belief in ourselves. I think Roy T Bennett states it best when he says: Believe in your infinite potential. […]

A woman in her 50s poses for photos with Tampa boudoir photographer Tami Keehn


Boudoir is for Women in their 50s too | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

I’ve heard all the excuses about why not to do a boudoir shoot, with one of them being “I’m too old”. But I’m here to tell you that’s not the case. Boudoir photos are for all ages – including women in their 50s. I had the lovely opportunity to work with Miss A after her […]

A woman pulls up her oversized sweater to show off her abs while leaning against the best for a boudoir session with Tampa Bay photographer - Tami Keehn.


Lifestyle Boudoir Photography | Sarasota Boudoir

After eight years of photographing boudoir, I feel like I’m finally really falling into a style that I am completely smitten with. I couldn’t quite put a finger on it before…what it was about the images that I absolutely loved from my sessions and why. But I’m starting to finally get it. I’m realizing that […]

How to Romance Yourself this Valentine’s Day (and Every Day) by life Coach Tami Keehn


How to Romance Yourself this Valentine’s Day (and Every Day)

The holiday of love (Valentine’s Day) is just around the corner and I’m sure you’ve bared witness to the plethora of heart-shaped items and ways to romance your [future] loved one. But you probably haven’t seen much in the media or on shelves about romancing yourself. And let’s be honest, if you aren’t showing yourself […]

St Pete Personal Branding photos by photographer Tami Keehn


Content Development Coach | St Pete Branding Photos for The Dashing Ginger

My friend Kristin Berry, a fellow creative entrepreneur and photographer, connected at the end of the year to do some branding photos for each other and our businesses as we were both evolving into the next chapters of our brands. When you both are photographers, creatives, + coaches doing what you love and helping your […]

A sexy + classy st petersburg boudoir session with the best photographer Tami Keehn.


More than Just Cute | A Sexy St. Pete Boudoir Shoot

So you’ve always been told you were “cute” or “pretty” but what if you wanted to take it up a notch and do a boudoir shoot so you could feel + look sexy? That’s exactly what Miss J decided to do. She’s always gotten compliments about being cute or pretty but sexy was something that […]


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