Embracing Discomfort: The Key to Your Success

I’m sure your first instinct when you read the title is to think, “Why on earth would I want to embrace discomfort?” Most of you would prefer to seek pleasure and avoid pain. That’s human nature and completely normal. But I want to let you in on a little secret…embracing discomfort is actually the key […]



Bold Lipped Beauty | Saint Petersburg Florida Boudoir Photographer

I often get quite a few gals that prefer a more natural look for their boudoir session but every once in a while I get a babe that wants something more glam. Like this bold-lipped beauty! And this makes me so happy! What I loved most about this particular boudoir shoot was that Miss A […]



End of the Year Reflection + How to Make Next Year Better

Many of us may be quick to say good riddance to the current year and are solely focused on a fresh start. But don’t jump ship just yet! Consider taking time to do an end-of-the-year reflection.    Why? This is an amazing opportunity for you to recognize where you have had success this past year, […]

The Importance of True Self-Care during the Holidays by Life Coach Tami Keehn


The Importance of true Self-Care during the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner and while it is commonly coined, “The most wonderful time of the year!”, you might be finding yourself thinking that it’s the “most stressful time of the year!” instead. It’s the time of year when you are trying to manage expectations + plans for yourself, your family, your […]


Moody Boudoir Shoot | St Petersburg Florida Boudoir Photographer

More + more of the inquiries I get these days are all telling me they like my moody boudoir style. And this makes me so happy! While I think the light + airy style is also gorgeous, when it comes to doing a boudoir shoot I’m just a sucker for all the moodiness + shadows. […]



Why you Procrastinate + How to Finally Conquer it

Oh, good ol’ procrastination. The thing that kills so many dreams and goals from getting accomplished. You know you need to get shit done if you want to be successful, but you just can’t seem to find the motivation. Sound familiar? It’s an all too common trait for many of us. So what is procrastination? […]


St Pete Beach Boudoir Photos | Bachelorette Weekend

Is there anything more fun than scheduling your boudoir photos for your bachelorette weekend?! Probably not! The lovely Miss S was traveling down to Florida from Ohio for her bachelorette weekend and decided that it would be the perfect time to do a boudoir shoot. Thanks to the Googles, she came across my website and […]


9 Mindset Hacks that will Boost your Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence is a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment. (According to the Googles. Lol)    It is something that I think all of us are striving for at some point in our lives. It feels like it is what pushes us over the hurdles and through the obstacles to achieve our goals. […]



Branding Portraits | Stella & Shay’s Becca Gordon

Right before the world shut down the lovely Becca reached out to me about doing some branding headshots while she was visiting her mother on Anna Maria Island. Becca is the successful owner of the Stella & Shay Beauty Bars based in Cleveland, OH, and Pittsburgh, PA. She was hoping to start a blog all […]


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