How to Thrive During the Slow Season as a Creative Entrepreneur


June 28, 2024

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We’ve all been there. One minute, you’re juggling 60-hour+ work weeks, and the next, it’s dead silent—leaving you worried about paying the bills. It feels like you’re spinning your wheels without getting anywhere. Don’t panic; I’ve been through it too. Every creative, no matter how experienced, faces slow seasons.

These quieter times can be stressful, but they also offer valuable growth, development, and strategic planning opportunities. Here’s how to make the most of the slow season and set yourself up for future success.

How to Thrive During the Slow Season as a Creative Entrepreneur by Tami Keehn


1. Embrace the recharge.

This is the perfect time to take a well-deserved break to combat burnout and return refreshed. It may seem hard to rest when work is slow, but it actually can be the most productive thing you can do for yourself. I know whenever I take a holiday, I always come back full of new ideas and energized to go full steam ahead! It’s a great opportunity to explore new places, read books, watch films, or engage in activities that inspire and stimulate your creativity.

2. Fuel your creativity with a passion project.

Take time to experiment with new techniques or explore different styles. This exploration can lead to unexpected breakthroughs and is a great way to build your portfolio, improve your skills, and attract more of the work that you really love!

3. Seek out new collaborations + partnerships.

Reach out to other creatives, attend industry events, do a guest blog post, speak on a podcast, or at a local networking event. Do whatever you can to connect with others, be introduced to their audience and share some value.  This is a great way to expand your network and get your work in front of more people.

Also, just start conversations wherever you can! Whether it be on social media or standing in line for that cup of coffee. You never know when one conversation will connect you with your perfect ideal client.

4. Invest in yourself.

This is the perfect opportunity to sharpen your skillset by taking online courses, attending workshops, or reading industry publications.

It’s also a great time to work on some of those tasks that you’ve been putting off. Maybe it’s creating email templates to save time later, setting up processes to streamline your workflow, updating your website with new photos, copy, + design.

How to Thrive During the Slow Season as a Creative Entrepreneur by Tami Keehn

5. Get organized + plan.

Use this time to get the back end of your business in tip-top shape for the months ahead. Review your finances, create a budget, and set aside savings for slow periods. I know this is the part most creatives hate, but if you can develop a plan, you can prevent yourself a LOT of stress later on.

Also, use this time for project planning. Determine what upcoming projects you like to do, set goals, and create timelines to stay organized and motivated. And don’t forget about setting up improved marketing strategies for the above new projects.

6. Stay open to possibilities.

When times are tough, we can often shut down and go into full-blown sulk mode which can cause us to miss out on opportunities. Opportunity may not always be where you expect it. This may look like diversifying your income – selling your work online (ex, Etsy, creative market, etc.), creating educational workbooks, guides, or templates, doing freelance work, or becoming a mentor or coach. Diversification not only brings in extra income but also broadens your market reach.

7. Reflect and evaluate.

Take time to reflect on your journey. Review your past projects to understand what worked well and what didn’t. This reflection can provide valuable insights for improving your approach and strategy. Set new goals that align with your aspirations and keep your creative journey on track.


Slow seasons happen and that is completely okay! They are a natural part of a creative entrepreneur’s journey. So instead of viewing them as setbacks, see them as opportunities to grow, learn, and prepare for the future.

Need some personalized help to get through a slower season of your business? Sign up for a FREE phone consultation with me, your personal certified life + self-worth coach and we will chat more about how 1:1 coaching will help you to get out of this slower time and create a thriving + successful business!


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