7 Habits to Help You Live a More Intentional Life


January 30, 2024

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Life can be a little crazy + chaotic at times. Oh, who am I kidding…a LOT of the time! Amirite?!  Oftentimes it feels like the world around us is controlling our life instead of us having a handle on it. But how can you learn to be more intentional in a world that feels like you have to do all of the things at all times of the day? Keep reading below to learn 7 habits to help you live more intentionally.

But first, what exactly does it mean to be intentional? To be intentional means that you are living your life on purpose. You have a plan. You are making choices based on your values, beliefs, and goals. When it comes down to it, it’s about being decisive and having clear goals set for yourself. So often we tend to let life happen to us instead of FOR US. It’s really about taking your life by the reigns. 

And even when you are trying to live an intentional life, there are going to be moments when the chaos still appears. You can’t always choose the cards you are dealt in life, but you can choose your hand. But in other moments, there is also so much you can do to change the game and how you play it, so keep reading on!

Manage the chaos of everyday life.

1. Do you even know what goal you are working towards?

So often with get caught up in the day-to-day and how to survive, that we don’t take the time to look ahead and decide what our true goals are for our life so we can actually thrive instead of just survive. Do you want to continue working in your current job or do you want to do something different? Or even become an entrepreneur? Do you want to start a family? Would you love to travel all around the world? Take some time to figure out one extraordinary goal that you can start working towards over the next 12 months so you can start giving yourself direction with where you want your life to go.

2. Pay attention to your thoughts.

Because they are 100% optional! What you think is ultimately what you are going to create. If you are constantly thinking you are a failure, guess what you will likely find? So if you want to create a different life, you have to think differently.

3. Know your boundaries.  

Let’s put up a red velvet rope on this little life of yours. You can’t just let everything and everyone cut the line to your world premiere (aka – your life). Take a moment to reflect on the things + people that need to be a priority in your life so you can fully commit to your extraordinary goal. Everything else? It’s time to let them go. 

Set boundaries + goals to live a more intentional life

4. Practice time management.

Time management is all about planning ahead. It may seem like it’s a lot more fun to just “wing it”, but I promise you that often leads to more stress + more work later on. Taking the time to “put the address in the GPS” will save you so much time later vs. just choosing which direction to go at every turn. You don’t want to end up lost! When you plan and you follow through, you create results.

5. Choose reason over your feelings. 

Being able to manage your emotions will come in clutch! You aren’t always going to feel like doing the work. You may be stressed. Or lazy. Or even afraid. But you will miss out on so many amazing opportunities if you always let your emotions win. When your emotions want to win over you, you can take a moment to remember your “why” for going after your big goal. That is so helpful when you just aren’t feeling it. And in those moments when you still don’t feel like doing the work? Give yourself 5 minutes. Oftentimes after 5 minutes, you will have enough motivation + drive to continue forward. 

6. Prioritize rest + self-care.

If you are burnt out, you won’t ever go after your goals. When you feel overwhelmed you will want to deprioritize rest because you feel like you don’t have enough time as it is – but this only makes you less effective, fall further behind, and feel more overwhelmed. Make it a habit to schedule in rest + self-care into your schedule.

7. Consistency over perfection.

Life is going to have its ups and downs. It’s not going to always be a linear path toward your goals + living with purpose. Life will always have it’s good and it’s bad. It’s okay if you take a step backward, but if you can focus on consistency over perfection, you will continue to make progress toward a more intentional life

Design your intentional life with life coach Tami Keehn.

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7 Habits to live a more intentional life by life coach Tami Keehn.



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