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May 16, 2013

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I remember when I booked my flight in October, this trip seemed FOREVER away! But now it is finally here and I’m so extremely excited about it!  You have no idea how much pleasure I get from exploring the world we live in!  I will be heading to Ireland first, where I’ll be meeting up with friends in Dublin and traveling all through the countryside for a week. I also have a few other friends that I’ve met over the course of the last few months that I’m looking forward to meeting in person. Then we will be heading on a ferry over to London, England where I will get to start off where I left off back in 2010 (when I last visited). I’m extremely excited to be meeting up with 2 of my British besties too while I’m there!

So with that being said, I will be out of the office from now until Monday, June 3rd. I will respond to all correspondence as soon as I return! If you want to keep up with my travels while I’m gone, be sure to follow me on my Instagram here: http://instagram.com/tamikeehn.

Since I’m absolutely TERRIBLE about posting my personal photos (always trying to stay on top of my clients’ images), here some of my favorite images from my last trip to London in 2010. It blows me away to look back and see how much I’ve grown with my photography in the last 3 years (so be kind about what you see! Haha). Enjoy!

The Sloane Square station where we would get off to get to our hotel in Chelsea.

London 2010 1 London 2010 2

We did a little shopping and stopped for some lunch in Covent Gardens. Loved these statue dude street performers!

London 2010 3 London 2010 4 London 2010 5 London 2010 6 London 2010 7

I do NOT recommend standing in one of these telephone booths…reeked of urine!

London 2010 8

By the end of the weekend in London, I was finally getting the hang of the Tube.

London 2010 9

Buckingham Palace – Changing of the guards!

London 2010 10 London 2010 11 London 2010 12 London 2010 13 London 2010 14

It’s a Bobby!

London 2010 15London 2010 16

I hope to get inside the National Gallery this time around! I didn’t get a chance to check out many museums.

London 2010 17

The London Eye was probably one of the highlights for me. I loved the views from it! So very cool!

London 2010 18 London 2010 19

House of Parliament and Big Ben (and some of Westminster Abbey)

London 2010 20

Charing Cross Station

London 2010 21 London 2010 22

London Oratory

London 2010 23

Tower Bridge

London 2010 24

Tower of London (another site I need to visit this time!)

London 2010 25

Sherlock Holmes!

London 2010 26

After a weekend in London, we headed outside of the city. We headed to town of Avebury to see the stone formations (and you can actually get right up to them, unlike Stonehenge)

London 2010 27 London 2010 28 London 2010 29 London 2010 30 London 2010 31 London 2010 32 London 2010 33

Loved grabbing a drink inside of the Red Lion (Est. 1802)

London 2010 34

I don’t think my friend Lil even knew I took this photo. But I felt it appropriate to take a photo of the 51 Upper Queens Street – the address I sent long, handwritten letters to since we were both probably 12 or 13. 🙂

London 2010 35 London 2010 36

We took a trip to St. Peterborough Cathedral. Here lies the grave of Catherine of Aragon.

London 2010 37 London 2010 38

Look at this crooked steeple! This church in Chesterfield, had the spire added in 1362 and due to poor craftsmanship, it warped as such.

London 2010 39

Next we headed to the town of Eyam. This was the town known as the “Plague Village” because they chose to isolate themselves when the Great Plague struck in 1665. They would use Mompesson’s Well to transfer food, medicine and coins in and out of the town.

London 2010 40 London 2010 41 London 2010 42 London 2010 43

Eyam Church. Being an American, the dates on the tombstones bewildered my mind.

London 2010 44

I forget the age of this thing, but it was something ridiculous like 500 AD. I remember thinking it was so unreal to be able to stand and touch something so old!

London 2010 45

After our trip to Eyam we headed to what I think it was the Peak District National Park? Whatever it was, it was beautiful! We got met by some friend cows and sheep and had some breath-taking views as we climbed among the rocky hills.

London 2010 46 London 2010 47 London 2010 48

It was a bit chilly that day! We bundled up!

London 2010 49 London 2010 50 London 2010 51 London 2010 52

In Northamptonshire, I headed to Coton Manor Garden with Lindsey and her mum. It was bluebell season and as we entered the woods, I felt like I was walking into an enchanted forest and that fairies HAD to be hiding in the nooks just waiting to jump out at me! Haha.

London 2010 53 London 2010 54 London 2010 55 London 2010 56 London 2010 57 London 2010 58 London 2010 59

And with that, I PROMISE I will not wait 3 years for photos from this trip! PROMISE!!  Haha.


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