Boudoir client session interview with Crystal photographed by Tampa boudoir photographer Tami Keehn.


Boudoir Client Interview | Photo Session with Crystal

Below is a boudoir client interview with the beautiful Crystal. I decided recently instead of me always telling you about my boudoir client sessions from my perspective, I wanted to share more sessions from the perspective of the beautiful woman I photograph. This way you can hear straight from the clients themselves what an amazing […]

10 Tips to Empower Women with a Boudoir Session


Ten Tips on How to Empower Women with a Boudoir Session

Boudoir is definitely one of those genres of photography that everyone can feel a bit anxious about at some point. The clients may feel nervous and like they aren’t pretty/skinny/curvy/tall enough for these types of photos. The photographer might fret that they won’t be able to provide clients with images that truly reflect their beauty […]

Sexy South Tampa Bride to Be in a white lace bodysuit for a boudoir session with Florida photographer - Tami Keehn.


Sexy Bride-to-Be | South Tampa Boudoir Photographer

“Those sexy photos you took of my bride, just wow! Thank you so much!” Those are the words of a happy groom on his wedding day telling me how surprised he was to receive such a beautiful wedding gift from his now wife. I’m pretty sure we shocked him with the gift but he was also […]


Find Your Inner Goddess | Clearwater Boudoir Photographer

“I haven’t even seen the final images yet, but the session was so much fun! You’re amazing and clearly, love what you do. Thank you for awakening my inner goddess.” Those are the words that I saw when I opened up a thank you card in the mail from Miss J after her boudoir session. These are […]

Brunette poses in off-shoulder shirt for tampa boudoir photographer Tami Keehn.


Your Scars Look Beautiful to Me | Tampa Bay Boudoir Photos

“Long story short, I was in a car accident two years ago and it’s changed my life. I had 3 major surgeries and 5 procedures. It left me with 7 scars, and I went from the marathon runner to me.” This was the beautiful tale that I learned from the divine Miss M when I […]


Confidence Looks Good on You | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

Being confident in your own skin. It’s what many of us want but few have been able to truly attain.    We live in a world where it seems like it’s not okay to be self-assured and that we constantly need to be better. That we need to change ourselves to improve. I’d say a majority of […]


Don’t Let Fear Stop You | Tampa Boudoir Photography

She almost didn’t book her boudoir session. She was super nervous and fear kept her from booking the first time she inquired.   Then she saw my Black Friday Sale from last year and it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. But despite that…the nerves were still there for Miss L, and she […]


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