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April 28, 2019

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Since 2008, I’ve told womens’ stories through empowering boudoir sessions. Now as a certified life coach as well as a photographer, I help women cultivate radical self-love, guided by mindset. Sit back with a margarita  in hand and let's do this transformational journey together.
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Hi, I'm tami

Below is a boudoir client interview with the beautiful Crystal.

I decided recently instead of me always telling you about my boudoir client sessions from my perspective, I wanted to share more sessions from the perspective of the beautiful woman I photograph. This way you can hear straight from the clients themselves what an amazing and empowering experience that these sessions can be. This session with Crystal was a long time coming and we finally were able to get it in when I visited Cleveland last fall. Read up below all about this wonderful session.

Hair + Makeup by Ramona Dauksa

A Client Boudoir Session interview with Crystal by Tami Keehn.

Tell me about your journey to doing a boudoir session. (Ie, What were your reasons for doing one? Have you wanted to do a session for some time? Or was this decision impulsive?)

Ever since you did my daughters’ senior pictures, I wanted to have a boudoir session. I originally felt that I needed a muse/boyfriend/husband to share my photos with, but realized through your communications that it is more about self-love. When I worked really hard with my trainer, I was so proud of my body and was thinking, “I will probably never look this good this again” so I wanted to capture my success. It was a perfect storm: body, feeling good about me and had the money.

Hard work with a trainer paid off for this booty shot of Crystal with Tampa boudoir photographer - Tami Keehn

If you’d wanted to do a session in the past but didn’t, what was hindering you from taking the leap?

Money and body goals

What was the tipping point in you finally deciding to do a session?

Money and body goals achieved (lol)

A mature black woman sitting in hotel window ledge in a oversized sweatshirt for a boudoir shoot with Tami Keehn Beautiful black woman poses on the bed in just a sweatshirt and undies for a boudoir shoot with St Petersburg photographer Tami Keehn

Why did you choose me as your photographer for your boudoir session?

You know how to pose your clients as well as take great photos. You made my daughters look more amazing than they already do.

A stunning black woman leans against the bed for a photoshoot with St Pete boudoir photographer Tami Keehn

How would you describe the actual session experience? Did you have nerves? How did it feel to be in front of the camera?

It was really cool! I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. It was so much fun and I turned the rest of the evening into a bae-cation.

Gorgeous black woman poses on a bed for her boudoir shoot with Tampa boudoir photographer - Tami Keehn

How did you feel after the shoot? And then when you saw your photos for the first time?

I was anxious to see the photos. When I did, I couldn’t believe many of them were me. Especially the booty shot – if I didn’t know better, I would swear that was a body double.

A woman in an white button down top on a bed for a boudoir photoshoot with Tampa photographer Tami Keehn Woman lying on the bed in black bra and panties for a boudoir session with photographer Tami Keehn

Did your boudoir experience change the way you see yourself?

Yes. It allowed me to see what my guy sees.

Closeup portrait of a stunning black woman during her boudoir session with Sarasota boudoir photographer - Tami Keehn.

What would you tell someone that was still on the fence about having a session done with me?

DO IT!!!! You will not regret it. And, get some large prints.

Think you are ready to do a boudoir session for yourself? Let’s get you on the 2019 schedule before I am completely booked up!

See my boudoir portfolio page for more information about booking your Tampa boudoir session!

Also, if you’d like to see some sneak peeks before everyone else does, join the St Pete VIP Boudoir Group by Tami Keehn on Facebook today!


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