How To Find Motivation When You Are In a Slump!


May 28, 2019

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Do you ever have days where the motivation to do anything productive seems completely non-existent?

You’re exhausted. Burnt out. Feeling worthless. Feeling like, “Why should I even bother?!” I mean, some days I am on FIRE! I am checking off all the boxes and feeling so good about myself, but then I have days where I would just rather “forget about everything” and lounge in my pj’s for 10-hours straight watching Hulu marathons instead. Can you relate?  

Finding motivation can be tough sometimes! Even when it’s with regards to something that you are passionate about (i.e., getting healthy, pursuing your dream job, saving money for that big purchase, etc), we ALL have days when getting in the zone is damn near impossible!

But I’m here to tell you that you CAN get out of your slump! It’s 100% possible and you got this! Read on below to learn a few of my favorite tips to finding that motivation to keep you propelling forward towards all your hopes and dreams.

1. “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain.

This is one of the biggest and best tips that I’ve personally learned. If you are anything like me and are a self-proclaimed perfectionist, you may want everything to be just right before you start on a project. But do you know what ends up usually happening with this mindset? You procrastinate and NOTHING gets accomplished!

But if you can take just one small step forward, it means that you’ve actually taken some kind of action. That action and forward movement then reduces your self-doubt and builds up your confidence. When you have more confidence and you see progress (no matter how small), it motivates you to take more action. It creates a ripple effect. Accomplishing those small tasks that get you closer to the bigger tasks at hand and will keep you moving forward.

2. Remember your “Why”.

What could be more rewarding than remembering the why of what got you started in the first place! You may be feeling lethargic and not feeling a workout this morning, but it’s ultimately going to improve your health and get you closer to your health and fitness goals. Or maybe that dream career may seem like a far off fantasy, but remembering what put you on this path can help to reinvigorate your drive to keep working hard.

3. Focus on solutions instead of problems.

Those times when you feel like everything is going wrong and “why do I even bother?!” can be some of the most demotivating times ever! But if you can learn to focus less on the negatives and more on HOW you can make things positive again, it makes life so much easier! Creating solutions is key!

For example, yes, working out or preparing healthy meals can be hard work! But if you can think less about the difficulties and instead switch your mindset to focus more on the benefits doing the aforementioned tasks (ex, feeling more energy, living longer, fitting into your favorite clothes, etc), you will be more inclined to want to stick with it!

4. Get Support.

Have you ever found that when you have someone rooting you on, you are more likely to stick with it? I know I do! When you have friends/colleagues to bounce ideas off of or they are just there rooting you on with every endeavor you reach, it will inspire you to keep working hard! When you feel appreciated, your motivation will spike!

So find your “people” that understand and can relate to what you are working on, and don’t be afraid to ask for their help and support!

5. Focus on one goal at a time.

When you have too many goals on your mind, you can start to get really bogged down and not know where to focus your energies toward. Too many goals can be super overwhelming! I know you may have many goals for yourself (I do as well!), but wouldn’t it be better to focus on one goal, accomplish it and then move onto the next goal, rather than feeling so overwhelmed trying to reach multiple goals at once that you end up with none of them being attained? Figure out which goal takes precedence and start there.

6. It’s okay to rest.

I know this may seem counterintuitive to rest when you want to take on the world, but it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself. When you are constantly going, going, going…you will run out of steam! We all need rest, to recoup, and start fresh!

I know I have personally been trying to get better about shutting down work at a certain time each evening and to not do work on weekends if I don’t have a gig. Because otherwise, I end up doing a little work…then checking social media. Doing a little more work…going for a walk. Doing a little more work…repeat. I never completely shut off work and it drains me.

If you can learn to allow yourself to take a break away (completely) for a set amount of time, you will likely find yourself reinvigorated and raring to go when you step back into the task at hand.

Tell us your tips!

Do you have any favorite tips or tricks that help to keep you motivated? Let us know in the comments below so we can all help each other grow! Or feel free to contact me if you want might be interested in some 1:1  Life Coaching sessions with me to help take you to the next level. 🙂 


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