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Eight Easy Steps to Taking Better Selfies | By Tami Keehn

In this age of social media, learning how to take a better selfie is probably something a lot of us want to know how to do.

Whether you are looking to document yourself somewhere special or you’re really feeling yourself today (come on…we all have those days and we DESERVE those days!), you’ve likely popped out your mobile phone to take a few snaps. Or like a few 100+ shots as you try to get the best image possible but can’t quite seem to nail it! So that’s why I’m here…to help a gal out! Having worked in the boudoir photography business for over 11 years, I know a thing or two about posing, lighting and finding the most flattering angles on a woman! Below are my 8 foolproof tips to getting a picture-perfect selfie!

Tip #1 – Find the best light!

The lighting can make all the difference when it comes to a good selfie! Let’s do a quick test. Head towards a window face it and put your phone between you and the light source (the window). Open up your camera app and put it in selfie mode. Now slowly move around in a circle and see how the light changes in the image reflected back at you as you rotate around. I’m betting you will find that you look your best when the light source was in front of your face (facing the window). Keep that in mind even when you are outside as well! The light source may be a window, lamp, or the direction of the sun. Below is an example of some non-edited selfies of me as I rotated in a circle. Crazy the difference between them, right?!

How a selfie looks from certain angles from the light by Tami Keehn

Tip #2 – Figure out your best side

We all have our preferred side that we like photos of ourselves better from. It usually tends to be the side with the biggest hair part for most women, but whatever side it is, work it! Ain’t no shame in the game in asking to switch sides with someone if you are doing a group selfie and you know you prefer your right side over your left!

Tip #3 – Work those angles

It’s all about the angles! And I mean moving both you and the camera! One of my favorite tips to tell my clients when I’m posing them for a portrait is to angle slightly to one side or the other (remember, know your good side! haha), and then depress those shoulders down (this elongates the neck) and push your head forward like a turtle. I know, I know, that sounds bizarre and sometimes feels bizarre, but it helps to keep your chin out of your neck and is very flattering on most people! Also, always try to have the camera slightly above you as this tends to be the most complimentary for most women (guys may prefer from below as it makes them appear bigger/more powerful). Below is another example of two unedited images of me – one of me straight on, chin into my chest, looking slightly down. The 2nd one – is me turned slightly, my chin pulled out, and the camera slightly above me.

Want the rest of my 8 easy tips for better selfies?

Those are my first three and I have 5 more for ya that I think you will love! Use the link below to get all 8 steps to picture-perfect selfies!



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