Woman does a redefining boudoir session with Tampa Boudoir photographer Tami Keehn


Redefining Yourself | Boudoir Photography Tampa

Miss V reach out to me not that long ago about doing a redefining boudoir session. So what exactly did a redefining boudoir shoot mean to her? She told me that after going through a divorce just under 2 years ago, she felt like she was finally re-finding herself as a woman and not just […]



Bold Lipped Beauty | Saint Petersburg Florida Boudoir Photographer

I often get quite a few gals that prefer a more natural look for their boudoir session but every once in a while I get a babe that wants something more glam. Like this bold-lipped beauty! And this makes me so happy! What I loved most about this particular boudoir shoot was that Miss A […]


Moody Boudoir Shoot | St Petersburg Florida Boudoir Photographer

More + more of the inquiries I get these days are all telling me they like my moody boudoir style. And this makes me so happy! While I think the light + airy style is also gorgeous, when it comes to doing a boudoir shoot I’m just a sucker for all the moodiness + shadows. […]


St Pete Beach Boudoir Photos | Bachelorette Weekend

Is there anything more fun than scheduling your boudoir photos for your bachelorette weekend?! Probably not! The lovely Miss S was traveling down to Florida from Ohio for her bachelorette weekend and decided that it would be the perfect time to do a boudoir shoot. Thanks to the Googles, she came across my website and […]



A Repeat Client | A Tampa Bay Boudoir Experience

I always know it’s going to be a stellar session when it’s a repeat client on the schedule for the day! This stunner of a babe had booked a session with me earlier in the year and knocked it out of the park with her first session! So when she jumped on a special I […]



St Pete Boudoir Shoot | Celebrating Mind + Body

When it comes to booking a boudoir shoot, it’s not just about embracing the skin you are in, but also embracing a healthier mindset for yourself. As women, we tend to be our own worst critics. We beat ourselves up for not being tall enough, lean enough, curvy enough, pretty enough, etc…all the “not enoughs”. […]



Tampa Boudoir Shoot | Appreciate the Here and Now

I’ve had a few Tampa area babes that have asked in the past when is the “perfect time” to finally book a boudoir shoot? And my answer would have to be “as soon as you can”. Let’s get you scheduled for this amazing empowering experience right now! To which, some reply with, “I’m not ready […]


Blonde Ambition | Tampa Florida Boudoir Photography

This beautiful blonde babe has done a boudoir shoot before and knew that she wanted to do another one because the first experience was so empowering. This time around, she was doing her boudoir shoot as a celebration of losing 20 lbs + keeping it off after she’d “let go of herself a bit”. She […]


Badass Biker Babe | Tampa Boudoir Photoshoot

I love it when my gorgeous clients come to me with a specific vision. The lovely Miss S wanted a badass biker babe shoot. The stunning mama had recently been through a separation and had found herself an amazing new man that she wanted to treat to some sexy photos as a thank you. She […]


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