My Top Strategies to Reach Your Full Potential


February 16, 2023

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Since 2008, I’ve told womens’ stories through empowering boudoir sessions. Now as a certified life coach as well as a photographer, I help women cultivate radical self-love, guided by mindset. Sit back with a margarita  in hand and let's do this transformational journey together.
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So many of us tend to settle for what “is” instead of truly going after what could be. We get in our own way of striving for our full potential. 

And it all starts with our belief in ourselves. I think Roy T Bennett states it best when he says:

Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.”

Oof! That can be a hard truth to hear! But that doesn’t mean you can’t start working on getting out of your own way now. Below I’m going to share with you some of my top strategies for reaching your potential.

But FIRST, want to start off by saying that “full potential” isn’t an end destination. It’s an ever-moving target that will always be in the future. As you grow, so will your goals – and the potential you have to offer. What’s most important is the ability to embark on that journey and to “strive” towards those goals. 

How to reach your full potential by life coach Tami Keehn

1. Create awareness in your life around what you truly value. 

Over time things can start to go on autopilot. Like this is how your day always starts. These are the people that you always see. These are the things you always do. It just “is”. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When you create intention in your life – dropping the things that aren’t significant or important to make time to work on the things that ARE, you will head towards your potential much faster. 


2. Get clear on creating an extraordinary goal for yourself.  

So many of you that are in the “autopilot” mode are there because you have no clue what goal you are even working towards. So that makes it pretty hard to reach or to create actionable steps to get there if you have no clue what you even want. So many are also vaguely aware of what they are even capable of achieving. An interesting quote from Matthew Kelly, 

“Most people overestimate what they can do in a day and underestimate what we can accomplish in a decade.”

Give yourself a specific + measurable goal that you can work towards over the next year and then break it down into smaller goals for each month and then each day. This extraordinary goal is going to stretch you and grow you, but as you continue to work towards it, you will be one step closer to your potential.


I also recommend sticking with only ONE goal. This can be very hard (especially for those of us recovering perfectionists who have goals for our relationships, wealth, and health, but I promise you if you focus on that one goal – instead of trying to spread yourself thin amongst a few, the rest will follow naturally).


3. Take action every single day. 

The BIG results start by taking small steps. Creating little habits that will have a compound effect over time. The little things seem like nothing, but over time they will add up and will keep you on the path toward your desired goals. For example, maybe you have an extraordinary goal to make 6-figures by the end of the year and you have big dreams for your business. Stop trying to do everything half-ass and start small and slowly build. So maybe you make sure to reach out to your ideal clients for 5 minutes every day. No need to spend all day on every platform, but focus on where you know your ideal client is showing up. Or maybe it’s writing one blog post a month. Whatever it is, start small + focus on these little things that will keep your plane on course toward its destination. 


4. Be flexible + adaptable.

Things won’t always go according to your plan (probably a LOT of the time!), but that’s okay! This is how you learn and grow and keep moving closer to your goals. That big event you were hoping to attend might get canceled, or the supplies might be out of stock for that big project you wanted to do, but when you learn to adapt (ie, create your own event, or figure out an alternative to the supplies you wanted), you often times find yourself in a situation much better than you could have even imagined. There is so much growth in learning from the unexpected circumstances in life. Don’t give up and don’t blame. Refocus + renavigate and appreciate your growth in your potential.


5. Measure your progress. 

So often we get caught up on how far we still have to go toward our goals, we forget to look back at all the progress we’ve gained along the way. That is so much more important towards reaching your full potential. Also, if you don’t measure, you have no way to track your growth + you will be less likely to stick with it. Focus more on the gain (and your measurable results so far) will gain you more traction toward your goal and your future potential than if you focus on the gap that stands in your way. 


6. Commit to continuous growth. 

As I mentioned earlier, reaching your full potential isn’t something that you actually do. It’s always something that is in the future that you are working towards. It’s a journey, not a destination and so with that, there will be tweaks + pivots along the way and that’s absolutely fine! But as long as you are committing to investing in yourself + learning something new every day, you will live the most amazing life—better than you’ve ever imagined


Are you interested in learning more about how you can better strive to reach your full potential?

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Top Strategies to Reach Your Full Potential by Life Coach Tami Keehn


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