The Secret to Getting What You Want


October 31, 2023

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How often do you find yourself sitting at your desk dreaming about what life would be like if you could just win the lottery? Or if you could marry the hottest, richest, kindest celebrity out there? You may roll your eyes thinking this can’t happen, but what if I told you that I had the secret to getting what you want? Intrigued? Keep reading. 

So the reason a lot of people don’t get what they want is that they focus solely on their DESIRE for whatever it is, but then lack the effort to COMMIT to getting said desired thing. The key to actually getting what you want is commitment. You need to be willing to take action to make it happen. 

What is the difference between wanting and committing? Wanting is passive. It’s comfortable and risk-averse. Committing is active and requires you to take action. It is solution-focused. When you commit, you create RESULTS. So how can you commit to get the results you want? Here are my 9 tips to make yours deepest desires your reality.


1. Know what you want.

Take an inventory of what you are wanting in your life. Do you even know exactly what you truly want and what is just a “would be nice”? Get clear on what desires you want to prioritize.

2. Be honest with yourself + your commitment.  

How bad do you really want it? Do you want it bad enough to do the difficult steps to get to it? Are you courageous enough to try things that you might fail at? Be honest with how willing you are to commit to your desire. 

3. Decide to commit.

Even better, get your decision in writing to make it more “real”. Do this even if you don’t know HOW to get what you want yet. Many will be tentative when it comes to going after their desires – “It’d be nice to have…” But that’s not going to get you to the goal. You need to be committed to making it happen. “I want THIS and I’m going to figure out a way to make it happen.”


The secret to getting what you want from Life Coach Tami Keehn

4. Be clear on the outcome you desire. 

This means I need you to focus on what you WANT instead of what you DON’T want. So if you are looking for a good man to marry, focus more on what your ideal partner is going to be like vs all the traits that you want to stay far away from. The brain has this amazing thing called the “Reticular Activating System” or RAS for short. This system basically will look out for the things you tell it to look out for. (Think the “red car phenomenon” when you are car shopping and all you see are red cars). You will attract what you focus on so make sure you are focusing on what it is you WANT. 

5.  Detach from the process. 

We humans like to know the exact game plan to succeed. We want a step-by-step plan. But in reality, you need to take action to figure out the how. It’s not the other way around. So take a step forward…even if you aren’t sure it will lead to what you want, you will learn as you continue to take action forward.

6. Honor your commitment until you get the result.

You can’t get what you want if you give up easily. Giving up is a surefire way to make sure you do NOT get what you want. Commit to taking action forward no matter what.

The secret to getting what you want from Life Coach Tami Keehn.

7. Also be open to possibility when things aren’t going your way.

If there was one straight perfect path to success and our desires, we’d all be taking that same route! But sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. Be willing to re-evaluate and reaffirm your commitment. Figure out what seems to be working and what isn’t. And then figure out what you are going to do moving forward from here. Do this on a regular basis.

8. Envision yourself already having what you want.

Picture yourself already enjoying what you want. Who is the person you have to become to get there? And then work backward and start showing up as that person now. We focus so often on the “how” to get to “who” we want to be (aka – the millionaire, successful entrepreneur, super fit, married to the love of your life, etc), but if you can focus on WHO you need to become, you will create the thoughts + energy now to figure out the steps to become that person who has what you want.

9. Practice Gratitude.

While it’s nice to have hopes and desires for bigger + better things, don’t forget you already have a lot of really cool shit in your life currently. Appreciating what you already have will likely bring you the same joy that you think you desire from going after that thing you want so badly. So take time to be grateful what what already makes you happy and it will likely accelerate you getting even more of what you desire in your life. 


Getting what you want isn’t always going to be easy. There will be lots of obstacles along the way, but having a clear idea of what you desire, committing, to make it happen, and just trusting the process, will help you get even more of what you want in life.

The secret to getting what you want from life coach Tami Keehn.

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How to get What you Want by Life Coach Tami Keehn



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