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April 11, 2019

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Hi, I'm tami

I’ve always been a sucker for home decor and design. So when I received the email that Apartment Therapy was going to share a house tour of my place, I was ecstatic!


If we were to jump back in time to about 7th or 8th grade, that was about when teachers used to start questioning students about what their interests were and what might be something that would be appealing to them as a career. I was always quick to jump in and say that I wanted to be an interior designer! I was that girl that loved rearranging her room into a new set up. Or helping my mom rearrange our family room or living room set up to create new comfy environments that worked with the flow of traffic within the space and made the most sense for our needs with each room. I would also rip out pages from magazines (long before Pinterest was even a thing!) and dream about creating the perfect space of my own after I graduated from college. I could NOT wait to have my dream home to design and decorate!

Fast forward quite a few years later, I realized that maybe being an interior designer wasn’t quite what I wanted to do for a living…I’ll be honest, I realized that my obsession with decor and design was more about creating MY perfect space to live in, not necessarily continually changing with the dreams and desires of each client I would have worked with. BUT the love for creating a perfect space for myself to live in (and also now work in as an entrepreneur) never went away. I was always pinning beautiful spaces for living in and working in online and I loved following along with Instagram accounts such as Anthropologie, Apartment Therapy, Scandinavian Home, and Nordic Space. I also loved getting the daily email from Apartment Therapy…one of the few email newsletters that I haven’t unsubscribed to over the years. Haha.

I’ve moved a handful of times over the years and my style and needs for my space continually evolved. Finally, when I moved into my current adorable garage apartment rental in the Old Northeast of St Pete, Florida, I really felt like my style had really fallen into place with a cohesive design – that I would refer to as Organic, modern, mid-century, and minimal. I’ve had it in the back of my head to submit, but figured they’d never choose me! But I finally got up the courage not too long ago and the loved my place! Ahhhhh!!

A view of my living room space for my small but bright garage apartment that has been featured on Apartment Therapy website as a house tour!

If you want to see more photos and read the write up that goes along with it, click on the photo above or on the link below.

This Small But Bright Garage Apartment Is a Photographer’s Dream Rental

If you have any questions at all for me about my space, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Big thank you to Apartment Therapy for making this girl’s day! (Or month or year! Haha)



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