How to Cultivate an Abundant Mindset that Will Change your Life


June 1, 2021

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Your mindset can make a dramatic impact on the course of your life. When you learn how to live your life from an abundant mindset, you will open up yourself to a world of opportunities. 

How often do you find yourself complaining that there just isn’t enough time in the day? Or that it feels like you never have enough cash to create the life you dream of? Or if only you had more resources, you’d totally be able to accomplish that big thing that’s been on your bucket list forever! Or do you feel like you are working on overdrive and the results you desire aren’t coming fast enough? Or does it feel like you just never seem to be able to do enough? If you can relate to any of those thoughts, it’s likely you are currently living your life from a scarcity mindset.

How to Cultivate an Abundant Mindset and Live your Best Life by Tami Keehn.

What is a scarcity mindset?

It’s when you feel like there is only a finite amount of resources to go around. You’re likely to think that if someone else wins, then that means that you lose. There can’t be two winners. For example, if someone else is killing it with sales in your profession in your area, they might be taking all the wealth and potential clients away from you. You think that there is only so much of the pie to go around.

This kind of scarcity mindset often triggers thoughts and feelings of fear, limitation, lack, self-doubt, disempowerment, insecurity, jealousy, and an ultimate “victim” mentality. It’s because of these thoughts + feelings you might find yourself gravitating towards the following actions: 

-You hold on tight to your resources. You feel like you never know when time or money will run out or disappear, so you stay guarded.

-You have a hard time sharing. You don’t want to give away the juicy scoop for fear that someone else will steal the success away from you and you won’t receive the credit.

-You find yourself afraid to take risks because you doubt your abilities. You feel insecure so you’d much rather just stay in the safety of your comfort zone.

Something to realize though is that this type of negative mentality will actually lead you to have less. The very thing you are afraid of. So why would you want to keep thinking that way? Instead, let’s create an abundant mindset instead!

How to Cultivate an Abundant Mindset and Live your Best Life by Tami Keehn.

What is an abundant mindset?

When you have an abundant mindset, you believe that there is an infinite amount of something available to you. You realize that there are enough resources + successes to share with others. Another person’s gain does not equate to your loss and vice versa.

With this time of mindset, you focus on growth + expansion, feeling empowered, being able to adapt, ebb + flow with your life. You find yourself unafraid of failure because you know you will grow forward from your mistakes. You are able to create action from a sense of trust, love, + gratitude. You realize that all of the power to make change lies within you.

When you have this kind of mindset, your abundant thoughts tend to lead to you feeling motivated and you start taking more action to get results you want. You thus will start getting more of the positive results that you desire. This then acts to build more self-confidence in yourself so that you create even more results. It’s like a ripple effect.

How to Cultivate an Abundant Mindset and Live your Best Life by Tami Keehn.

So how can you learn to create a more abundant mindset?

Here are some ways that you can learn to cultivate a more abundant mindset in your life.

  • Examine + Rewrite your beliefs. We oftentimes think that our thoughts are just the facts of life. We learn that “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or that “We have to work really hard + practically kill ourselves to see success.” But learning that your current thoughts aren’t necessarily the truths of life. They are just your optional thoughts about your circumstances. They are the story that you created and guess what…you have the power to rewrite that story for yourself.
  • Search for proof of abundance in your past. It can be hard to just “flip a switch” to an abundant mindset, so do a little bit of research into your past. Recall a situation that maybe didn’t work out quite how you had wanted it to, but then realize that you learned some great lessons from that mistake and it lead you to new paths that you never would have found otherwise.
  • Shift from expectation to detachment. So often we want to know the how, when, and what of things that will happen. But then if things don’t turn out exactly as expected, you feel disappointed. If you can learn to detach from the how and just focus on doing (even if you make mistakes), you will grow in an abundant way.
  • Practice Gratitude. As the wise Oprah once said, “If you look at what you have in your life, you will always have more. If you look at what you don’t have, you’ll never have enough.” Focus on what you have + what you’ve already accomplished. When you find time to reflect on the good that you have currently in your life, you will be more likely to find even more in your future.
  • Celebrate your own and others’ successes. Be able to trust that there is enough room for everyone and that we all deserve success. Also, be sure to not focus just on the end success but also any progress forward as it will motivate + propel you forward in the direction you desire.
  • Train your brain to recognize possibilities. When you get too focused on the “exact” method or way, you might miss out on something great. Learn to be open to all the different options, resources + choices that are available and you might just find something you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Are you ready to learn more about how you can create an abundant life for yourself?

Let’s get you set up for a FREE consultation with me so you can learn more about how life coaching can help you with living your most abundant life ever!

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How to cultivate an abundant life that will change your life by Tami Keehn

Big shout out to Forbes magazine, Byrdie, and Make Your Life Beautiful for sharing your wisdom that helped me put this blog post together!


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