Cheap Boudoir: Why You Never Want Those Words in the Same Sentence!


August 22, 2019

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Since 2008, I’ve told womens’ stories through empowering boudoir sessions. Now as a certified life coach as well as a photographer, I help women cultivate radical self-love, guided by mindset. Sit back with a margarita  in hand and let's do this transformational journey together.
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Cheap boudoir…is that something you really want when you are about to get half-naked for a photographer?

I am gonna guess that your answer is something along the lines of, “HECK NO!” Because I know if I’m looking for someone to do intimate portraits of me, someone pushing a sale to get me to purchase sexy photos for next to nothing is probably going to be the last place I would look!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love, love a good sale on things any opportunity I can get! Who doesn’t like finding a bargain?! But there are some things I think most of us are willing to not cut corners for and will pay good money for. Such things as:

  • The best doctor in the field when you are going through a medical emergency
  • A car that will carry you and your family safely from point A to point B
  • A home that is “perfect!” to you for building a lifetime of memories in
  • A wedding photographer so you always have images to remember that special day

So why would you ever want to book a cheap boudoir photographer when you are about to take off your clothes for such a vulnerable experience?

Cheap Boudoir - Why you never want those two words in the same sentence by Tami Keehn

When you book a boudoir session you aren’t just paying for the final images, you are investing in an experience.

While many women might say they are booking a session because they want to give their partner some sexy photos, I can almost guarantee deep down, it’s 99% about booking an experience for themselves because they want to feel beautiful and they want to feel confident in their own skin. (The “gift” is a great excuse to make it happen! *wink, wink*)

Your friends and family always tell you how stunning you are, but that “negative Nancy” in your head can get the best of you sometimes! By booking a boudoir shoot you’re giving yourself an opportunity to feel pampered and like a model for a day and you get to see images of yourself as your loved ones see you. Wouldn’t you prefer to hire someone that has experience? That’s an expert in their field? That has other women raving about their experiences with this photographer? That has a portfolio that blows your mind?

Do your homework when finding your boudoir photographer!

Don’t book a photographer based on pricing alone! Is “Cheap” the word you want to use when describing your boudoir experience? I bet not! I’m betting you’d prefer – “Empowering” or “Amazing” instead!  So while I know a boudoir session can seem like quite the investment, it is definitely worth saving up for! You want to hire someone that knows what she’s doing, and has experience and education doing what she’s doing, and has a portfolio and social media images that shows off the quality of work to boot!

If this is something you really want to do for yourself, you deserve the best! You deserve a photographer that’s going to listen to your needs from the start and find out your ultimate goal from the session before cash even exchanges hands. This is a vulnerable experience and you not only want to look beautiful, but you want to feel beautiful.

You are worth this investment in yourself!

A woman arching her back on a bed for a boudoir session with St Pete boudoir photographer Tami Keehn

Think you are ready to invest in yourself and have the experience of a lifetime?

See my portfolio page or contact me today to book your Tampa boudoir session!


Also, if you’d like to see some sneak peeks before everyone else does, join the St Pete VIP Boudoir Group by Tami Keehn on Facebook today!


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