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Do you ever find yourself giving so much love to everyone else that you forget that you deserve some self-love too?

I think that many of us women are hard-wired to be helpers and mama-bears helping everyone around us that we forget that in order to fully help our friends and loved ones, we have to learn to put ourselves first so we can give our best when we are providing for others. As I always say, you can’t pour from an empty glass! I think this is one of the top reasons that I love doing boudoir sessions so much for the women here in the Tampa Bay area. It’s because I get to help women see the result of a little self-love and self-care (and yes…I’ve treated myself to a session or two as well!). I have many women that will walk into a session full of nerves saying they don’t know how to pose or how to be sexy and feel confident in their own skin, but by the time they leave…even before they see the photos, I can see their energy and passion has skyrocketed. It’s an amazing experience! So even if you might say that you don’t have a partner to do a boudoir shoot for, why not think about doing it for yourself!

While the lovely Miss S did plan to do her shoot around her wedding as a gift for her future hubby, she ultimately realized it was more for her.

“I originally looked into doing this session as a bridal gift for my fiance. When I started looking into it more, I realized how empowering it really would be. I feel like I have learned to overcome a lot of my flaws over the years (still working on it) but I finally feel like I’m at such a good point in my life and I would love to see that come, through self-love. Self-care is something I’ve started to practice more regularly (I’m in the social work field), and I feel like this is a great opportunity for me to do this for myself. It seems like such an exciting, empowering and inspiring thing to do. I am proud of the progress I have made living a healthy lifestyle, eating good (but enjoying food ;)) but weightlifting and shaping MY body how I want to feel and look! I couldn’t wait to get all dolled up and have fun with you for the shoot! The images are just the icing on the cake.”


Preach, Sista! Below are some of my favorite images from this empowering session. Big shout out to Bella Ti Artistry for helping to exemplify the beauty and grace that Miss S had to offer!

Think you are ready to show what a confident badass you are? Let’s get you on the calendar!
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