Need an Excuse to Book a Boudoir Shoot? Here are 14 for you!

A boudoir shoot can be a little (okay, maybe a lot!) intimidating to book. I get it! So that’s why I’m here to give you 14 excuses you call tell yourself as to why you should schedule this session ASAP! (Let’s nix that inner-naysayer!)

I know, I know…you want to book a session buuutttttttt….as your voice trails off with all the reasons why you can’t book a session quite yet. Girlfriend, I don’t want to hear those excuses as to why you can NOT! I’m here to give you the reason why you CAN book this sexy photoshoot! And not just one reason you should, but a WHOLE list of 14 reasons you most definitely need to get this on the calendar now! Like right this second (or at least after you read through the list.)

  1. Your birthday is just around the corner! Have a little fun in your birthday suit! 😉
  2. Your partner’s birthday is coming up.
  3. You’ve been killing it at the gym and you want to show off your hard work.
  4. You’ve had a new bundle of joy recently and you want to show off your rockin’ new “mom-bod”!
  5. You got a bonus at work so why not use the extra cash to “treat yo’ self” with some self-love.
  6. You want to gift your groom on your wedding day with a sexy surprise.
  7. You want to reinvigorate your relationship by giving your boo-thang sexy images on your anniversary.
  8. The holidays are just around the corner and you aren’t sure what to gift your lover.
  9. You just got out of a sh*tty relationship and now it’s time to celebrate you and your new-found freedom.
  10. You’re a single gal just looking to celebrate Singles Awareness Day (Feb 15th), because why the heck not?!
  11. You love celebrating cheesy Hallmark holidays like Sweetest Day and Valentine’s Day. (I get it, girl, I’m a cheeseball too! Haha)
  12. You’ve recently gone through a transformational journey and you are ready to celebrate your progress.
  13. You have all kinds of sexy lingerie in your drawers is just collecting dust
  14. You’ve been struggling to truly love yourself, but you really want to. (*Best* reason to do it! Just my opinion!)

So many reasons you should book. Which excuse resonates most with you?

Okay, no more excuses as to why you can’t book it…let’s do the damn thing!

See my portfolio page or contact me today to book your Tampa boudoir session!


Also, if you’d like to see some sneaks peeks before everyone else does, join the St Pete VIP Boudoir Group by Tami Keehn on Facebook today!


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