St Pete Boudoir Shoot | Celebrating Mind + Body

When it comes to booking a boudoir shoot, it’s not just about embracing the skin you are in, but also embracing a healthier mindset for yourself. As women, we tend to be our own worst critics. We beat ourselves up for not being tall enough, lean enough, curvy enough, pretty enough, etc…all the “not enoughs”. […]



Tampa Boudoir Shoot | Appreciate the Here and Now

I’ve had a few Tampa area babes that have asked in the past when is the “perfect time” to finally book a boudoir shoot? And my answer would have to be “as soon as you can”. Let’s get you scheduled for this amazing empowering experience right now! To which, some reply with, “I’m not ready […]


Blonde Ambition | Tampa Florida Boudoir Photography

This beautiful blonde babe has done a boudoir shoot before and knew that she wanted to do another one because the first experience was so empowering. This time around, she was doing her boudoir shoot as a celebration of losing 20 lbs + keeping it off after she’d “let go of herself a bit”. She […]


Badass Biker Babe | Tampa Boudoir Photoshoot

I love it when my gorgeous clients come to me with a specific vision. The lovely Miss S wanted a badass biker babe shoot. The stunning mama had recently been through a separation and had found herself an amazing new man that she wanted to treat to some sexy photos as a thank you. She […]



A Tampa Boudoir Experience | Garden Goddess in Florida

It brings me so much joy to create unique + wonderful boudoir experiences for all of my Tampa babes. And this garden goddess was no different. This gorgeous gal decided to do a session as a gift for herself as well as for her husband. They’d been together for 10 years and would be celebrating […]


An Empowering Experience | Boudoir Photography in Tampa FL

Whenever one of my Tampa FL boudoir babes books her session, I email her a questionnaire to learn more about her. One of the most important questions I ask in it is: “What does this boudoir session mean to you and what are all of your reasons behind doing one?” It always helps to give […]

Why the Hell Not? | Boudoir Photography in Central Florida by Tami Keehn


Why the Hell Not? | Boudoir Photography in Central Florida

When I asked her what her main reason for doing a boudoir shoot was, she replied, “Why the hell not? Life’s too short not to.” She also went on to mention that After losing weight this year I wanted to do something fun and different outside my comfort zone. These reasons right here are exactly […]



Dancing Beauty | Boudoir Photography Tampa, Fl

When you find out your client is a dancing beauty, you know it’s going to be a stellar boudoir session! There is just something about the ladies that have had training in dance that know how to kick it up a notch for their boudoir shoot! I think it’s that they have a stellar understanding […]



Best Paper Anniversary Gift | Boudoir Photography in Tampa

If you want to win the wifey of the year award (and also treat yourself!) Then having some boudoir photography taken is a win-win option to celebrate your paper anniversary. (hello, sexy prints!) I’ve had quite a handful of Tampa babes booking me lately in search not of the perfect wedding day gift, but for […]


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