Tampa Boudoir Photography | Wedding Anniversary Gift for Your Husband

Is there anything hotter than your husband opening up his anniversary gift from you to find sexy boudoir photos of yourself?! They say that the traditional first-anniversary gift is paper. So some prints or an album or some wall art of the sexy lady your man chose to live until eternity with seems like the […]


Outdoor Boudoir Photography | St Petersburg Boudoir Session

An outdoor boudoir session…is this something you ever considered? I know some may be shy to think about doing a boudoir session period but to do one outdoors? I’m sure it can seem intimidating to some! But it’s actually something that can be quite liberating! You don’t have to go balls to the walls with […]



Downtown St Petersburg Boudoir Session | Long-haired Beauty

This beautiful mama was such a pleasure to work with for her downtown St Petersburg boudoir photoshoot. Miss A. has always wanted to do a boudoir session but said she could never find the time or the courage to do one. So she decided when she saw I was having a special promotion back in […]



Tampa Boudoir Experience | A Gift Your Husband Will Love

There are quite a few reasons I think you would enjoy a Tampa boudoir experience. Many ladies choose to do a boudoir shoot with me as a boost of self-confidence. They want to learn to feel more comfortable in their skin. Some women will do a session because they’ve recently gone through a transformation and […]



Sarasota Boudoir Shoot | Fierce, Strong, and Beautiful

For my ladies in the Sarasota + Bradenton areas looking to feel fierce, strong, and beautiful with a boudoir session…here’s a shoot for you! The gorgeous Bradenton area babe below was looking to do a boudoir shoot with me as a gift for her husband to celebrate their upcoming 16th wedding anniversary. But as with […]


Long-haired Beauty | Moody St Pete Beach Boudoir Session

It always means the world to me when I get new clients based on referrals from past boudoir clients. Miss B and her St Pete Beach boudoir session was one of them. One of her besties had recently done a boudoir shoot with me as a gift for her fiance for their upcoming wedding and […]



Lifestyle Boudoir Photos | Downtown St Pete Boudoir Session

While I love me some pretty lingerie, I’m also a sucker for a lifestyle boudoir session with knee-high socks and off-the-shoulder sweaters. And that was exactly what the stunning, Miss R. brought to her shoot. But golly, this gorgeous babe could have put on a paper sack to her boudoir shoot and she would have […]


Find Your Inner Goddess | Clearwater Boudoir Photographer

“I haven’t even seen the final images yet, but the session was so much fun! You’re amazing and clearly, love what you do. Thank you for awakening my inner goddess.” Those are the words that I saw when I opened up a thank you card in the mail from Miss J after her boudoir session. These are […]

A beautiful brunette woman in a off-shoulder sweatshirt shows off her scars during her boudoir session with Tampa photographer - Tami Keehn


Your Scars Look Beautiful to Me | Tampa Bay Boudoir Photos

“Long story short, I was in a car accident two years ago and it’s changed my life. I had 3 major surgeries and 5 procedures. It left me with 7 scars, and I went from the marathon runner to me.” This was the beautiful tale that I learned from the divine Miss M when I […]


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