Bridal Boudoir Session | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

So you are getting married to the man of your dreams in just a few short months and you want to give him THEE perfect gift on your wedding day. I don’t know about you, but if I were a guy about ready to tie the knot with the most gorgeous woman I knew, getting […]


Sexy Noir Boudoir Session | Seminole Boudoir Photography

I get a lot of ladies that are excited to do a boudoir session, but are also a bit nervous or hesitant at first. Agreeing to doing one of these intimate sessions can be a big hurdle for many. It can take awhile for most to feel comfortable enough in their skin while wearing next to nothing.  For instance, […]

A brunette woman laughs as her slip strap falls during her Seminole Florida boudoir session with photographer Tami Keehn.


Sultry Boudoir Session | St Petersburg Boudoir Photography

  So a few months back, I advertised having Le Petit Noir Boudoir sessions.  These petit 30-minute intimate sessions were my way of giving ladies a glimpse into what a full boudoir session with me could be like. The lovely Miss A was one of the ladies that decided to join in on the fun […]


Sensual Boudoir Photography in Tampa | Tami Keehn, LLC

  So very excited to share this beauty on my blog today. This sensual boudoir session with the stunning Miss S, was such an amazing experience. She wanted a mix of classic black lingerie type images, but also some that were a bit more sultry.  We incorporated some shots using your every day sweaters, tees, and […]


Sultry Boudoir Session in Tampa | Tami Keehn, LLC

  If ever there was a bigger compliment, it would be for another local area creative – whose work so inspires me – to send me a message saying, “I want you to photograph me”.  This is exactly what the lovely Natalie, of Belle Fleur Studio, did just a few months back. And before you knew […]

A woman pulls up her oversized sweater to show off her abs while leaning against the best for a boudoir session with Tampa Bay photographer - Tami Keehn.


Lifestyle Boudoir Photography | Sarasota Boudoir

  After eight years of photographing boudoir, I feel like I’m finally really falling into a style that I am completely smitten with. I couldn’t quite put a finger on it before…what it was about the images that I absolutely loved from my sessions and why. But I’m starting to finally get it. I’m realizing […]


Tampa Boudoir Session

I get many women that say they want to have a boudoir session, but they feel they aren’t quite ready for it yet. Hogwash, girlfriend! Lol. You totally have got this! I hear quite frequently that they are interested but they’d like to “lose another 15 lbs” first. I say join the club…don’t we all feel […]


A Moody Intimate Session | Boudoir Photography Tampa

I love it when I get the text or email, “I want to shoot more boudoir photography with you.” It makes me smile knowing that my ladies leave their sessions feeling empowered and beautiful, so much so they want to have another opportunity at it. Maybe this time she has a little more confidence and […]


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