The Perfect Anniversary Gift | A Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir photos aren’t just for brides to gift their future hubby with. These images can make for the perfect anniversary gift as well!  The lovely Miss D wanted to surprise her husband with some super sexy intimate photos to celebrate their 15-year wedding anniversary. She’d been working her butt off the last year getting into amazing shape […]

Black lacy bra and undies with a black moto jacket on a women in her fifties for a session by St Pete boudoir photographer - Tami Keehn


Fifty and Fabulous! | St Petersburg Boudoir Photographer

A boudoir session in your fifties? Heck yes! Age is just a number! And just like a good fine wine (or Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, or George Clooney), we all just get better with time. “But I have wrinkles, Tami!” or “The girls are definitely far from their perky state they were in my 20s!” […]


A Sexy Little Wedding Gift | Tampa Bay Boudoir Session

Nothing says love better than a sexy little wedding gift of boudoir photos for your man!  The lovely Miss M wanted to do just that by treating her fiance to some gorgeous intimate images of her before their big day. She had recently lost some weight and toned up for her big wedding day, and […]


Tampa Boudoir Mentoring | Lessons in Empowering Women in Front of the Camera

A perk of doing what you really love to do is that sometimes you get to mentor others who love it just as much.  It’s crazy to think that I’ve been photographing boudoir for just over a decade! Man time sure does fly when you are having fun! Haha. It started when my co-worker at […]


Self Love: A Boudoir Session For Me | Tampa Boudoir Photography

Self Love: It costs nothing, but you gain everything.  I think so many of us women are afraid to love ourselves. We feel guilty. We feel like we need to put our love out there towards our children; Towards our significant others. Towards everyone else because we want them to feel appreciated. But then we […]


Red Hot Latina! | Tampa Boudoir Photography

A little while back I had a last minute cancellation and I put out a notice in my VIP boudoir group to see if anyone would want to grab this prime Saturday booking and the sizzlin’ Miss M jumped at the opportunity!  This red hot latina had recently received her dream job opportunity and also had […]


Embracing a Fitter You! | St Pete Boudoir Photographer

  So often women tell me they will do a session when they lose another 10 lbs before their boudoir shoot…even if they already have achieved some amazing fitness goals. Ladies, let’s embrace the YOU that you are now! This charming babe has been working hard on getting in better shape and wanted to celebrate […]


Blonde Hair, Blue-Eyed Babe | Travel Boudoir Photographer

Referrals are always the biggest compliment a client can give me. And this blonde hair, blue-eyed beauty was a referral from a boudoir session I’d done a few years back in Ohio. She lived in Ohio as well, so I packed my bags and hopped a plane to travel back to Cleveland for her sexy […]


You’re More than a Mom | Tampa Boudoir Photography

  I can’t tell you how many mothers curl up and shun the idea away when I suggest that they should think about doing a boudoir session… My response to that? Stop it. Just stop it, you gorgeous woman! Just because you are a mom and maybe you feel your figure doesn’t look the same […]


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