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6 Tips to Nailing the Perfect Wedding Proposal

It’s that time of year when quite a few men (and women) will drop down on bended knee and ask their lover for their hand in marriage.

It can be quite nerve-wracking though to come up with a plan for that “perfect wedding proposal” that will completely surprise your beautiful bride-to-be and bring those tears of joy flowing in full force! So having photographed quite a few proposals in my time, I thought I’d give you some insight on how you can make your engagement proposal go off without a hitch (or with a hitch…that’s what we want at the end of it, right?! Haha)

1. Listen closely for hints from you Bride-To-Be!

If she’s like most gals, she will likely be dropping hints from the moment she knows it’s true love with you. Some examples, “Oh-em-gee! Did you see Delilah’s ring? I love that it’s a rose gold band with a raw cut diamond!” or she might say something like, “I love the mountains! We should go there for a little romantic vacay time!” And let’s be honest…she’s likely been planning her wedding and engagement for awhile even before she met you! Haha. So if she’s like most ladies, she more-than-likely has a Pinterest board labeled something like “Wedding” or “Future Wifey” with all the ideas she’s been dreaming about forever! So get thee to Pinterest and look her up and see if you can get some inside scoop on how to WOW her with your proposal!

2. Enlist the help of her friends and family!

Again, most ladies will likely spill to their besties more about their “dream proposal” than they will to you…because they want you to “surprise” them.  These besties are likely the keys to unlocking the gamebook for the best proposal in history! Just make sure they don’t spill the beans ahead of time! These same besties, along with her family may also play key roles in making proposal day run as smooth as possible! Some examples…you can plan for your lovely lady to have a girls’ pampering day with her besties so she gets her nails done and her hair styled perfectly for a supposed girls’ night out that “Surprise!” ends up a proposal instead by you. Or they may be able to help with figuring out what dress she feels prettiest in that would work well for your pretend “evening dinner date”.

They can also play the role of great deterrents with your scheme. “Oh, I doubt he’d propose anytime soon! I heard him chatting with Brad earlier, so I have a feeling it will be next Valentine’s day!” Get her thinking that it wouldn’t be happening on the day you plan the best surprise of her life! Talking with family ahead of time is also a great opportunity to get their blessings…if you are the traditional type! 🙂

3. Research the perfect moment or location that will be memorable and meaningful.

When you are in that research phase, you are also going to want to figure out the type of engagement she’d like. Do you think she would want it to be an elaborate production or something simple? Would she want it to be intimate with just the two of you or something that involves all of her loved ones there cheering you guys on as you drop to your knee? Would she want it to be somewhere that already has special meaning for the two of you (aka, where you had your first date?) or would she prefer a beautiful location that will bring on new special meaning (aka, while on your beach/European vacation getaway?) These are some things to think about and to enlist the feedback from her friends and family.

4. Think about the details and making it personal.

I’ve already mentioned above some tips that will help to make sure your future bride-to-be is dressed up all pretty with manicured nails and stunning hair + makeup. Some other details to think about are the time of day…do you want to propose at sunrise so you can spend all day celebrating? Or do you want to propose close to sunset? Do you have backup plans…sometimes she may inadvertently throw a wrench in the flow of your proposal. Do you have a plan b? Also, do you have figured out what you are going to say, or do you need to write out a letter ahead of time to read from so you don’t blank out in the moments before the big ring reveal? This, by the way, makes for a very cute keepsake memory…wink, wink!

5. Plan the “post-engagement” #SheSaidYes celebrations.

Do you want to celebrate with all your friends and family afterward? Or would you prefer something more intimate so you can bask in the joy of the incredible event that just happened? Whatever you decide, definitely have something in mind because she’s gonna be so awe-struck she won’t know what to do with herself! Some ideas would to make some dinner reservations for the two of you, meet your loved ones out at a bar for celebratory cocktails, Facetime/Skype with your parents, or just simply enjoy a bottle of champagne beside a bonfire. The sky is the limit but come up with something special!

6. Hire a photographer to document the special moment!

This is going to be one of the best days of your lives and you are going to want to share it with all your friends and family. Hiring a professional photographer to capture that special moment, along with the post-proposal bliss, will make you the best.fiancé.ever! She will be forever grateful that you hired someone, and you will also be able to knock out your engagement photos all in one fell swoop! Wahoo! Plus, if you are thinking about hiring me, I’ll be there to help you along with the pre-proposal planning as well. I can offer all kinds of tips and advice to make it the most perfect proposal ever!

Are you ready to hire a photographer for your proposal? I’m available locally in the Tampa Bay, St Pete, Clearwater and Sarasota areas, but most definitely will also travel to you if you think I’m the perfect fit for capturing your epic proposal.


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