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Should You Elope? Top Reasons to Consider an Elopement.

With the pandemic, I’ve noticed that there’s been a bit of a shift with the wedding industry from doing big weddings, to now brides + grooms considering an elopement. Should you Elope?

With many couples having to reevaluate their wedding day plans, a lot of brides and grooms are considering more intimate options, including elopements. And let’s be honest, in general, big weddings aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and that’s okay too. Many may even want to break away from the traditions and do it their own way. But what about upsetting family + friends? Or will you regret not having a big traditional wedding? Will it not be as special? Only you can truly decide and answer those questions, but below are some top reasons to consider if going the route of an elopement is right for you!

Elopement Reason #1: You are introverted + don’t like being the center of attention.

If you are anything like me who gets panicky (and breaks out into hives) just thinking about being in front of a big group of people with all eyes on you, an elopement might be a better option. It will release some of the pressure of feeling like you have to constantly “perform” on your day and you can relax and just enjoy the moments with the love of your life.

Elopement Reason #2: You have no desire to plan a large event like a wedding.

Not gonna lie, planning a wedding can have LOTS of intricate pieces and parts and details and not everyone wants the stress that’s involved with that. If you would MUCH rather keep things simple + minimal then worry about coordinating flowers and catering and seating charts and meal options, an elopement might be a good option. And while there is still plenty of coordinating aspects when it comes to planning an elopement, it definitely won’t be nearly as intense.

Elopement Reason #3: You aren’t into all the wedding day traditions.

While it’s fun to do a garter toss or cut the cake or having a large wedding party, maybe that’s just not really your thing! While they are beautiful symbols of a traditional wedding, maybe you just want to focus on what the main point of the wedding day is – celebrating the love between the two of you and having your day feel more authentic instead of “doing it because that is what everyone does as a wedding”.

Elopement Reason #4: You like to do things your way

The thing about larger weddings, it seems like everyone has their opinion on how it should be done. Especially if family members are contributing to investing in the celebratory event. Elopements are the best way to have the day truly be about the two of you and YOUR needs.

Elopement Reason #5: It’s all about you

And keeping with the lines of thinking from #3 + #4, an elopement gets to be all about YOU! It’s not about an elaborate production or trying to entertain or impress other people, it’s about celebrating the pure love between the two of you.

Elopement Reason #6: You want to savor every single moment without it seeming like a rushed blur.

I can’t tell you how many brides I have had that have been planning for months and months and then at the end of the night that can’t believe it was over so quickly! When you have so many intricate parts going from point A to point B in the day and making sure to say hello to all of your guests and that everything that you planned with vendors is going perfectly, it can be easy for it to just fly right on by! (And I can’t tell you how many don’t even get to eat the expensive dinner they ordered for themselves and all of their guests!) What if instead, it was just about an intimate ceremony with handwritten vows? Exploring a beautiful new location with you love and enjoying each and every moment? If you want to be able to savor more moments from your wedding day, an elopement is probably perfect for you!

Elopement Reason #7: You want to be intentional with where you splurge with your budget.

This is not to say that even an elopement can’t be pricey (ie, finding the perfect dress, location, photographer, etc. can also add up), but it allows you to allocate your budget towards the things that are most important to you. You won’t have to worry about a large headcount of renting a large venue for the whole day and you can choose to put your money towards the things you value most on your wedding day. And if you are doing a destination elopement, the bonus is that your funds may overlap into your honeymoon as you get to start enjoying your honeymoon right away!

Elopement Reason #8: You love to travel + are down for an adventure.

If you are anything like me and you just want to explore every little nook and cranny of the world, this is an opportunity to combine your passion for travel with one of the most important days of your life. You have the opportunity to explore a new city or park after you exchange vows and you can have a photographer (eh hem…moi! haha) there documenting it.

Do any of these reasons really resonate with you?

If any of these reasons felt like I was speaking directly to you, you may be wondering what to do next? I’ve put together a checklist for you with some tips on how to get started! Drop your name + email below and I’ll send you my special Elopement Checklist freebie straight to you! Or if you are ready to get started ASAP chatting about planning your elopement, you can contact me here!



Should You Elope_ Reasons to Consider an Elopement by Tami Keehn


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  1. What a great post, these are so many good reasons to elope. Considering how much I relate to #1, I should have considered an elopement myself! You are an amazing choice for a Florida elopement photographer.

  2. Oh yes! Yes, yes, yes, girl! These are great reasons to elopeme for sure! If anyone in St. Petersburg is looking for a wedding photographer for an elopement, you are it! As someone who had a very fast planned tiny wedding, I really resonate with reasons 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8 a lot! Great job giving elopement tips, Tami!

  3. If I were to remarry my hubby, we would totally elope! And St Pete is such a great wedding destination too! Great article!