My Motto

Love is everything.

Hey girl! I’m Tami. I’m a St Pete, Florida based portrait photographer and creative entrepreneur that cares deeply for helping women see and truly understand their love story, whether that be with their partner or on a journey to better love themselves.

You and I are probably a lot alike. How you may ask?

Well, I’m just gonna throw it out there… Have you ever felt like you weren’t pretty enough? Or not smart enough? Or that you lacked the ability to be successful at something? If you are like most women I know, these crazy ideas of doubt listed above have likely popped in your head more often than you’d prefer them to when it comes to your relationships, your abilities, and your worth. And honestly, I’m no exception!

My Journey

Having personally left a marriage that was no longer providing mutual happiness, having done a 180 on my career path, and trying way more diets + workout routines that I’d like to admit…I understand where you are coming from, girl! But I’m a firm believer that life’s idiosyncrasies and the times that we allow ourselves to be most vulnerable, honest and real with ourselves…that is where we find love and happiness. I have come into a path of love and self-discovery over the years, and I want to be a part of documenting and helping you find that love! Here’s how we’ll do that…

A Few Things That I Believe In

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