My Mission

Here to empower women to be their most confident selves.


Hey girl! I’m Tami. I’m a St Pete, Florida based portrait photographer and creative entrepreneur that cares deeply for helping the modern woman ready to step into her greatness, through life-affirming photography, mentoring, and education. In life, love, and business. Whether I’m documenting what a brave badass babe you are in your skivvies, helping to reaffirm your connection with your boo with an intimate couples session, or providing you with tips + tricks that will help you in life + in your business, I am here to remind you that

You are 100% worthy of every dream + goal you set for yourself!

Life may not always a straight forward + upward path that you’d wish it was. There are lots of twists + turns + steps backs, which can be frustrating.  And with social media so abundantly showing the highlight reels these days, it can also make you feel like your life doesn’t compare or that you can’t keep up with everyone else.  And honestly, I get it because I’m no exception from these self-defeating thoughts.

Curious? Read on below…

My Journey

Having personally left a marriage that was no longer providing mutual happiness, having done a 180 on my career path, and trying way more diets + workout routines that I’d like to admit…I understand where you are coming from, girl! But I’m a firm believer that life’s idiosyncrasies and the times that we allow ourselves to be most vulnerable, honest and real with ourselves…that is where we find love and happiness. I have come into a path of love and self-discovery over the years, and I am on a mission to help other women step into their own greatness.


Here’s how we’ll do that…

A Few Things That I Believe In

Ready to tap into that inner confidence of yours?